5 Under-the-radar Zim Experiences You Should Not Miss

1. Camp at Chitake Springs

Many people have at least heard of Mana Pools and its wildlife-rich floodplains and forest. Few realise that 70km inland from Mana, at the base of the Zambezi Escarpment, the underground Chitake river rises out of the sane and flows for several hundred meters on the surface providing the only source of water for up to 60km radius.

Herds of buffalo, elephant and other herbivores visit the spring to drink in the imposing riverbed, and the resident lion pride lie in wait. It is here that you get to witness the dramas that ensue in the riverbed below from the vantage point on the river bank.

2. Drink sundowners with the glowing red Chilojo Cliffs as your backdrop

Gonnarezhou (the Zim side of the Limpopo Transfrontier Park opposite the Kruger) is back. Poaching has been under control for the better part of a decade, and it is teaming with wildlife. Better still, few people realise the scenic beauty of the place, and it is uncrowded and relaxed.

3. Admire the artwork in Silozwane cave in Matobo

Climb up the massive granite monoliths surrounded by Zim’s famous “Balancing Rocks” and seek out the ethereal Silozwane caves (amongst many others). It is here within these caves that the previous San inhabitants painted pictures of wildlife and hunts and their experiences while black eagles soar above and leopards hunt monkeys in the rocky valleys below. You will likely have each cave to yourself, and we remind you to be please be respectful.

Other points of interest here include an intensive protection Zone for Rhinos and the chosen final resting place of Cecil John Rhodes.

4. See the Msasa Trees and their spring colours in the Chimanimani Wilderness

Wide open spaces and mountain solitude await you in the Chimanimani Wilderness Area. As do the fantastic hikes and clear mountain streams! Time it right and you will witness the spectacle of the Msasa trees unfurling their spring foliage in a thousand shades of red and copper.

5. Ramble round the National Botanic Gardens in Bvumba

This mountain rainforest ecosystem has amazing birding and Zim’s only population of Samango Monkeys. In the middle of all this, a Mr Taylor of nearby Mutare town established a garden which got out well of hand! Now a National Park, it is the perfect place to ramble or birdwatch for rare and endemic species.

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